On Sunday morning, if God was standing before you in church, what would your worship look like?  Would you stand there like a statue, waiting for “the singing” to be over? What would you do?

I heard a pastor once say that he went to a conference and during the music, children and parents were “twirling flags” and he was appalled. “This is so wrong Jesus!”, he exclaimed.

All I could think was, How weak is your worship that you are unable to praise God because someone is, “twirling a flag”.  Paul worshiped in prison after being beaten.  David worshiped while being pursued by a murderer and you can’t worship because someone has a flag!

On Sunday morning, would you stand before God, lift you hands, sing with all you have and tell God how glorious, wonderful, beautiful and powerful He is! Would you kneel during worship and tell God how merciful He is!  Would you worship God with all that you are? Would you lose yourself in His presence? Would you allow His presence to over take you so that it is just Him and you in the entire world?  Would you pour out your heart to Him until it shatters!  Would you sing to God almighty and exalt His Son?

“We don’t do that at my church.” “We don’t raise our hands.” “We don’t kneel.” “We don’t twirl flags.” “We don’t sing loudly.” “We don’t……”

If you are not doing anything but standing there, partially annoyed by the music; what are you doing!?  Do you lack understanding as to who you are worshiping? Or are you so enthralled with yourself that you cannot dare to be seen praising God with all your heart.  What a prison of self consciousness so many must be in that they can’t break lose and worship God the way their spirits want.

Will you dance for Him? Sing for Him? Open your heart to Him? Tell Him how much you love Him? For He created the heavens and the Earth and all that is in it.  He also created you and the only way to heaven. He stands before you telling you how proud He is of you and how much He loves you! He calls you by a new name; Son/Daughter.  He has claimed you as His own before all heaven and Earth. He celebrates you, encourages you and cheers for you!  He loves you with all He is!

What does Jesus deserve?  Will you do that for Him this Sunday?