Satan is terrified


Often times we think of Satan as this powerful courageous evil force. But the truth is, Satan has no courage he has no power because all courage and power comes from God!

Satan roams around like a lion seeking somebody to devour. He’s not trying to devour somebody with fearlessness, he’s trying to devour people because he’s petrified! He is absolutely scared of any Christian who knows exactly who they are!

We are never called to be afraid of the movements or actions of the enemy! God has over and over and over again told us to be courageous! We are never called to fear any work or movement of the enemy!

The works of the enemy in this country are great in number and they have sent many of us running in fear. But there is no power behind his movements! We are the light of the world! We demonstrate the power of God. We are called to fight against these powers and principalities.

How to fight:
1. Prayer is always our place of power! Prayer is where we align our will with God’s. Prayer is a two-way street where we speak to the Lord and then we sit and wait to hear His response. Never leave prayer without hearing what God has to say!
2. Love! The enemy has told millions and millions of people in this country that God and Christians hate them. This is how he has caused the division between us, the church, and the rest of our country! We are called to love people in such a way that it would completely disarm the lies that Satan has put forth about us. We need to stop focusing on people’s sin and focus on demonstrating God’s love for them! God does not see people as sin he sees through that and loves the heart within the person! We are called to love that same heart that God sees!

Satan is terrified by a son or daughter of God that can demonstrate the love and power of Jesus! This is our fight! This is what we are called to do! And for many of us, this is extremely difficult. But just like all war, we are called to push past the difficulties and the fear and we are called to be successful in our mission! The more people we love, the more people we are fighting to rescue from the grasp of Satan.

Just love somebody today! Show somebody the heart of God! Start with your own family and then work your way to strangers! For in doing this, you will advance the kingdom of God like no other!