1 Corinthians 13:13 So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

There are a million passages in the Bible on love and there are a million sermons that you could find online. There are a million passages on faith and there are a million sermons on faith but I feel that hope seems to get neglected.

Hope is such a powerful force that it is ranked with love and faith! In the Bible the word hope means: expectancy.

Nowadays hope is used when we describe something that would be awesome if it happened but we have very little anticipation of it actually coming to fruition.  “We hope for the best but prepare for the worst”.  “I hope I win the lottery.”  “I hope…..” etc.

I truly believe that the enemy has worked to change our definition of hope because hope is such a powerful weapon that we yield and that weapon has the power to destroy his work.

Our hope comes from our faith in God’s faithfulness. When God declares a promise to his children, he binds himself to his word.  Too many times we have moved in faithlessness and did not see the promises of God immediately happen, so we sit back and create a theology that says God doesn’t work in the same ways he did in the Bible. It’s as though Christians create a theology where they believe they need to protect God because he did not come through on his promise.

The Holy Spirit travels on the highway of faith! If we fill that highway with unbelief and faithlessness the Holy Spirit is not going to travel on that highway. Our faith has to be solid in the understanding that God is good! God is faithful! There is no other answer, there is no other view point! Our hope is put in his faithfulness!

If God promises something, then I expect it to happen because he is faithful! My expectancy (hope) is in God fulfilling his promises. When I experience hardship I expect God to work everything out for good because he promised he would. When I tithe I expect to be blessed because God said he would. When I seek him I expect to find him because he said I would! My hope is in him and when I have expectancy of God’s promises, my heart is moved into a position of joy. That joy becomes rocksolid and the enemy is not able to take it from me.

Love is greater than hope and faith but hope and faith are still extremely powerful! Do not neglect the power of the two just because they are not as powerful as the one. Hope in all things! Expect God to answer his promises because he is faithful!

It does not show the mark of a strong man or woman to not desire the blessings of God. It does not make someone stronger because they tithed and then tell God, I don’t want a blessing in return. That is pure stupidity! I want to be blessed! I want my children to be blessed! I want my wife to be blessed! And I expect these things because God is faithful in his word!

Put your hope in God and his faithfulness and I promise he will carry out his promises to you!

May God forever bless you and your families.