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Jesus is my Father and Mother

  I have not studied society or psychology in a classroom but I have worked with the public for over 14 years.  I have counseled individuals and families that have suffered from child abuse all the way to the family… Continue Reading →

What Does Jesus Deserve

  On Sunday morning, if God was standing before you in church, what would your worship look like?  Would you stand there like a statue, waiting for “the singing” to be over? What would you do? I heard a pastor… Continue Reading →

Cry vs Prayer

God has never let one of my cries go unanswered.  I have prayed for things that have appeared to have been neglected; by me and eventually God.  I have asked for provisions for myself and others but as soon as… Continue Reading →

Repent into Hopefulness

  In the book of Matthew, it starts out with John the Baptist preaching to the people saying, “Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand.” In the fourth chapter Jesus begins to preach to the people and he… Continue Reading →


1 Corinthians 13:13 So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love. There are a million passages in the Bible on love and there are a million sermons that you could find online…. Continue Reading →

The “Why” Homosexuality Is A Sin

God never gives us permission to hate anyone, especially anyone that is in sin.  If we see a brother or sister in sin we are still to correct them with all love and gentleness.  This is the same for unbelievers…. Continue Reading →

Living In The Kingdom Of God

  Hebrews 12:28   “Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe.”   The Kingdom of God is here and now!  Through… Continue Reading →

The Need Of The Father

  I have heard many people say that God is a God without need. That, He is a God who is not dependent  on anyone or anything.  This is true. God is sovereign!  He does not need anything or anyone… Continue Reading →

Satan Is Terrified of You!

  Often times we think of Satan as this powerful courageous evil force. But the truth is, Satan has no courage he has no power because all courage and power comes from God! Satan roams around like a lion seeking… Continue Reading →

You Have Power Over Sin

  RANSOM (Definition)The redemption of a prisoner, slave, or kidnapped person… for a price. We once were slaves to sin, unable to fight against it’s captivating power, but that was then and Jesus is now! Jesus paid the price for… Continue Reading →

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