I have been a Christian all of my life but I have been a follower of Jesus since I was thirty! What I mean by this is that, all of my life, I believed that Jesus existed and that He is the Son of God! I believed in heaven and hell and that we all make a choice where we want to go.  But I couldn’t say that I actually knew God.  I thought, knowing about Him was the same as knowing Him and I was wrong.

When I was thirty, I met and married my wife.  God used her in so many ways to show me the reality of Him.  She shared her testimony with me, which blew me away!  She had an actual relationship with God and she walked with Him everywhere!  I wanted what she had! I began to read The Bible everyday and pray throughout each day!  Jesus began to show himself to me and change, not only my life, but the way I viewed life in general! He is the center of my life, my heart, my marriage, my relationship with my three sons and my relationship with the world!

I am starting this blog as an outlet to all He has shown me.  I believe that His word is a river, and the more we let out, the more He pours in!  I just want more of Him, so I’m giving away all He has shown me!

May God forever bless each and every one who comes to this site!

Christian Carrillo