God has never let one of my cries go unanswered.  I have prayed for things that have appeared to have been neglected; by me and eventually God.  I have asked for provisions for myself and others but as soon as I say Amen, I forget my prayers and carry on with my day.  Its as though I never think of my prayer again.

While at church I love to gather around others who need prayer and I love to pour out the best prayers I have, but at the completion of the prayer, I’m done.  Amen concludes my petition to God for His intervention and provision.  I guess this is why intercessors are so greatly important.  Their petition to God does not cease.

When I cry out to God, often times, my cry is too deep for words and reason.  I can’t put into word the severity of need I have for His intervention or provision.  One time, my 3 year old Alex, was having a night terror.  It was the third night in a row and I could see the torment he was facing. My wife and I continuously prayed over him and prayed for him. We sang over him, held him, kissed him, etc.  We worshiped God in the mist of it.  We did all that we knew to do in the spirit and in the natural, yet his torment continued.  On the third night, as he was crying and screaming, yet he was still asleep and unable to be woken up, I began to cry out to God.  It was a prayer that came straight from my spirit that surpassed my natural mind.  It was a deep pleading to God for His intervention.  Finally my mind began to catch up and I began to plead with God.  I began to call upon His word and His promises to us.  I began to declare God’s love for Alex as my cry continued.  “Lord you have to do something! He’s in torment and he’s only 3!” I know you see him and I know you don’t approve of this torment! Only You can stop this! Please, In Jesus Name, Help Him!”  It wasn’t my mouth that was saying these words, it was my gut, my spirit, the depths of my heart that was crying out.

The cry was so deep that I could feel the answer from God coming.  Within one min, Alex stopped crying and was at peace.  His face changed and his body relaxed.  He grabbed his little stuffed animal, hugged it, rolled over and continued to sleep in peace.  I could feel the presence of God in the room and I could feel His love for Alex.  My wife and I rejoiced and celebrated Jesus.

It’s an incredible thing to feel God’s love for your child. It was the deep cry, the deep urning that brought God to our room.  He heard the deep cry.  It wasn’t a prayer that was going to stop when I said Amen.  It was contention for His presence.  That cry came from our faith in Him.  It came from a place where our spirits said, “If you don’t intervene, Alex will remain in torment”.

God is so good and so full of love for each of us. We are called to pray without ceasing.  I believe praying without ceasing is a cry! Prayers are great but cries are powerful.  A cry is the full opening of your heart to God, asking for His intervention or provision.  Prayers can be simple but cries are the deep conversation that takes your relationship with God to a new level.

I once heard a pastor say, “If your prayers don’t move you, they won’t move Him.”  God wants to see and feel your passion for Him.  He wants to feel your dependency on Him.  He wants the deep conversations where our hearts are abandoned to Him and we acknowledge He is our everything.

He loves us with all that He is and He wants us to love Him with all that we are.

May God bless you and your families abundantly!